HRM & Training

The main goal of training center is enhancing the technical and engineering experts to perform the projects by increasing and improving knowledge, skills and transferring the lessens leaned for improving company’s processes. PIDEC knows that efficiency & effectiveness of every organization depends to management policy in managing & application of human resources and believes that, the employees are most valuable assets that regarding this matter PIDEC’s Human Resource Management strategy and policies are aimed to achieve a high level of job satisfaction for each staffs, they are known and evaluated for their ability to work in teams, for being creative and innovative and for having a flexible and down to earth mentality.

PIDEC development program focuses on developing specialty potential in his employees’ therefore individual training needs are based on personal performance management and personal development plan.

     Examples of training courses given are:

Project Management development based on PMBOK

- Specialist engineering subjects

- Quality management systems based on ISO 9001

- Environmental management system based on ISO 14001 and Occupational health and safety assessment series based on OHSAS 18001

- Computer & network skills

- PMS, PDMS and CAD training

- Training on plant construction and commissioning

- Training on the job

Training may be given in the PIDEC training center and/or other reputable training entities.