Site Supervision & Fields Engineering

       Site Supervision

  • Preparation of proposal and participation in biding of site supervision.
  • Recruitment of qualified and expert specialists in accordance with project progress.
  • Review and approval of construction planning presented by construction contractor.
  • Supervision of received and dispatched equipment and materials.
  • Review of drawings and all project technical documents.
  • Updating the construction planning and scheduling and preparation of front work as per received drawings and equipment.
  • Review and approval of the construction contractor invoices.
  • Holding weekly and monthly meeting with contractors.
  • Coordination with QA/QC management.
  • Approval of the as-built drawings presented by construction contractors.

       Fields Engineering

  • Review of all received drawings and documents at site for the correction of any probable inconfirmity and deficiencies.
  • Improve any inconfirmity which might have occurred during project execution.
  • Find and suggest solution for any changes incurred during project execution.